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Psychological Testing

Psychological Evaluation/Testing/Assessment: Children and adolescents may be seen for evaluation or assessment. When children are seen for therapy, the first session is an assessment which may include psychological testing. Testing may be used to help answer the referral question.

Forensic Evaluation: Forensic evaluations are not available through Beacon Behavioral Health Services. No forensic services, including court testimony, are offered.

Therapy: Individual, Family, Group and Play Therapies

Individual Therapy: When the child is seen to address individual symptoms/presenting problems the child may be seen alone in sessions. At times, parents are included in individual therapy which focuses on the child alone.

Family Therapy: Often parents or other family members are included in family therapy sessions. This may increase the generalization of coping skills. Parenting issues may also be addressed in family therapy.


Group Therapy: At times, groups may be offered. Groups allow patients to develop relationships with others who may have experienced similar symptoms or situations.


Play Therapy: Play therapy is the systematic use of play in therapy to address presenting problems.


Dr. Cavett provide superivsion for professionals working towards their play therapy credential. The Association for Play Therapy (APT) credentials play therapists as either Registered Play Therapists or Registered Play Therapist-Supervisors. To be credentialed, one must be a licensed mental health provider and satisfy educational, play therapy training, and clinical experience requirements. To be a registered Play Therapist-Supervisor one also needs education, experience and supervision related to supervising other mental health providers. Following credentialing, continuing education related to play therapy and supervision of others is required. Please contact us for more information about supervision opportunities.

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